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Measure and control what you need and get the data sent to the right place

Integrate your board into the right assembly

Take action on your data

Control your equipment and visualize the data

We believe building electronic and mechanical systems should not be hard: hardware should be as accessible as software. We offer more than just prototyping consulting services. Our services are designed for small teams who want to be agile at their core: once our project is completed, you will have all the tools and knowledge to make changes on your own: we do not offer only prototypes that work out-of-the-box, we offer you to understand it: it is your idea after all!

Move Forward & Reduce Risks

Hardware project are often seen as very risky. You are expected to provide continuous results to your stakeholders, and this can be a challenge when you are building a prototype that will take 6 months to build! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back, and each step of the development, each design decision will be de-risked. And more than just documenting, we will explain it to you so that you can explain it yourself – no need to blind trust us, if you can’t understand the solution you asked us to build it, there’s a problem! Speak to our prototyping and consulting services experts to ensure you make the right decisions and investments from the start of your project.

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Feasibility studies & Specification design

Are you unsure what technologies you need to build your idea, how each component should communicate, how the user will use your product or simply how performant will your system be? Before building, let’s make clear exactly what you want to build, then let’s make sure it’s feasible: how, when, and for how much. There is not only one solution for this triad, depending on your needs, we will adapt it to fit your budget and timeline – even if you need a plan B if your funding is running out.

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Agile Prototyping Services

Build your prototype the right way! The more you gather feedback from your stakeholders, the more your product is going to change – and this is a good thing! Your requirements will evolve while the project progress, we will adapt to them. We aim to be as agile as possible: we can develop modular features that can quickly validate your evolving product features and performance. Our team of engineers and product designers will make sure that we provide you with a solution that works the way you envisioned it.

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Our Competences

What can we do for you?

Selecting the right sensor(s) and actuator for your needs

Selecting the right communication protocol (Bluetooth, M2M, cellular, LTE-M, NB-IOT,…) or peripheral (switch, touchscreen,…)

Selecting the right power management system

Selecting the right micro-controller or microprocessor

Designing the overall architecture of the system

Designing the schematics and the printed circuit board layout and helping you manufacture it

Ensuring compliance with standards (RoHS, CE,…)

Collecting data and developing the algorithms you need using machine learning, artificial intelligence, filters,…

Developing a program in C to make the maximum of the processor or in Arduino or Python for maximum flexibility

Selecting the right materials for your use

Water resistance or waterproofing

Design the right enclosure for the electronic board and for your system

3D print some sample designs

Design the user interface of your product

Code the back-end and front-end to get a working prototype

Our Tools

We strive to always use the latest tools and languages and are supporters of the open source movement.



LTSpice / PSpice







CAD Software

3D Printers: Prusa I3 and Creality CR-10S


Our Projects

A few examples of our previous achievements

Integration of a various stretch and biocompatible sensors in fabric

Prototyping and testing with 4 types of sensors and integrating them in fabric

Modular electronics with BLE, ANT, LTE-M, NB-IOT, 2G

Development of a slave board with new power management and cellular chipset

Low power nRF52 / ARM Cortex M4

Development of a power efficient code for Nordic nRF52 chipset

Embedded Machine Learning

Development for a simple neural network algorithm on Cortex M4

Test user interfaces for a sports product

Design of interfaces to test features

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